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‘Not their network but our network.’

Other people’s websites are the OG social network, and the optimist in me is going to riff on MLK’s quote: the social arc of the internet is long, but it bends towards individual websites.

Amen! [via ftofani]

a new webring for the oldstyle web

My friend Brad “made a Thing!” And I”m kinda tickled about it:

Retroweb Ring

A webring for non-commercial personal pages be they static homepages or blogs or non-commercial directories that list the 1995 – 2005 style Web pages. No hate, no resumes, no third party advertising.

Needless to say, I submitted bulltown.2022 as soon as I knew about the webring. It was a good fit and I”m hoping to see some other retrostyle sites come onboard. Like Brad said, “it’s kind of lonely” at the moment. If the shoe fits, please apply to be included!

my simplification project vs. your bookmarks

the project

Last November on the simply. blog, I mentioned completing the first phase of a simplification project started earlier that year.

Too many domains, too many Wordpress installations, and too many things to keep updated.

Though the simply. blog was a simple name/subdomain change, some other sites were moved to new URLs - they became subdomains of jenett.org (intended to be more permanent locations). Several inactive sites were converted from Wordpress to static archives while this site and the simply. blog were migrated from Wordpress to Jekyll and remain active, powered by GitHub Pages.

your bookmarks

First off, if you have bookmarks (or links) to any of my sites - thank you - you’re the reason I do this web thing and I’m tickled. Thanks for visiting again!

For the majority of my sites, redirects to the new URLs continue to be in place where applicable. However, there’s three archived sites with redirects soon to become inactive due to my intentionally letting their original domain names expire (as part of the simplification project). If you have any of the following bookmarked (or linked), I’d appreciate your updating your bookmark(s) soon if needed - 😎 - ’cause I sure hope you stop by again in the future:

  • joe’s blues
    Current URL is https://joesblues.jenett.org/.
    The redirect will become inactive as of 6/17/22.
  • linkscatter
    Current URL is https://linkscatter.jenett.org/.
    The redirect will become inactive as of 6/22/22.
  • deskphotos
    Current URL is https://deskphotos.jenett.org/.
    The redirect will become inactive as of 8/7/22.

That’s it for now - take care!

color me inspired thank you

How to surf the web!

Surfing the web is about going on an adventure, it's about clicking links and seeing where they go. You wont find web revival sites on typical search engines, you wont find them on social media sites and there is no algorithm that will pick them out for you. To surf the web revival, you start on one site, you find links and you follow the trail; be brave, explore, keep going, keep going!


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