When I find a time saver or tool that improves my workflow, I like sharing it. Much of what I know comes from others’ generous sharing of ideas and solutions. It’s kinda like paying it forward - feels right.

Okay, so sometimes such sharing can backfire on you (or should I say me) like the recent Firefox extension I enthusiastically shared that ended up causing a big problem - disappearing recent browsing history (a key tool in my workflow). It turned my recommend to do not recommend just like that. But I digress.

I use Obsidian for creating and editing posts here and at simply. and recently bumped into a plugin to “automatically fetch the titles of pasted links” (via oldtowneast). It‘s called Auto Link Title and you can find it Settings > Community plugins in the Obsidian app. You’ll encounter a message about disabling ‘Safe Mode’ in order to use community plugins. Please note the warning message, thank you.

Anyway, I like the way it works - it simplified writing this post a bit.